Creating Innovative Service

Our pride lies in our creative team. Our skilled team is responsible for the development of innovative designs that help us in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • Varied forms of intricate classical furniture work like carving, engraving, molding.

  • P.O.P work including Punning, Ceiling, Molding, gypsum partition & Gypsum work.

  • Civil Work like flooring, cladding, fine art work in Marble, bissaza, Granite, Italian marble with inlay, carving, molding etc.

  • Glass work such as Toughening, bending, fusion, etching, carving etc.

  • Painting work that includes plastic, velvet, lesture & texture painting.

  • Fabrication of all sorts of metal like M.S, S.S, Brass, White metal with lazer cut, waterjet cut etc.

  • Polishing work like France polish, Melamine, P.U. & Masters in Lamination.